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Lansbury Voices is a local history community based project: gain skills and have fun! Our current project is Lansbury Says Hello.

We will carry some interviews in the next few weeks as part of a Black History Project. We have purchased recording equipment for this and other projects.

We have a group at FLICKR

Over the summer women from Lansbury Voices created a photographic record of the lives of women on the Lansbury Estate "women on the estate" in collaboration with students from Goldsmiths College, the Freedom_DVD_Project

We also contributed to Digi-Tales and have completed the Renewability_Haiku_Hike at the end of 2006.

Wiki Workshop

A series of 4 workshops exploring a wiki, and how a wiki can work for you.

Lansbury Voices Wiki Workshop programme

A wiki page is a web page that you can change yourself! This means anybody can write for the web. Hence, a wiki page is bit like creating an entry in a "blog" (web log or journal) but it can be very collaborative. We looked at how to use a wiki as a working space, a photo gallery and means of communication (multi modal).

See the Course Notes, and the Wikipedia Tutorial, for example the parts of the tutorial

Tree at Pigott Street

A tree which has stood at Pigott Street has been surveyed, since it has grown very large. The tree was standing when the Lansbury Estate was built, and had to be incorporated into the design of the flats. It has now been felled.

Chrisp Street Market

The Tower

The Market at night

Chrisp Street is dominated by the Market.


1951 to 1982

The Lansbury Estate began in 1951, but was not finished until 1982! Here is the plaque at Pigott Street.


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